Jazz dance is a fun, high energy choreographed workout that involves learning basic postures, stretches and fundamental movements. Class begins with warm-ups, stretches and flexibility exercises, floor work, across the floor combinations and choreography. Jazz focuses on body isolations while encouraging individual expression of personal style, funky street moves, leaps, turns and even theatre choreography.

Lyrical Jazz maintains the percussive rhythmic characteristics that define jazz, but incorporates elements of Ballet and Modern dance to obtain a smooth look and lyrical quality. Lyrical focuses on a direct relationship between the lyrics of the song with specific dance movements, with a strong emphasis on emotional presentation of the choreography.

In Beginning Jazz we focus on Isolation exercises, Jazz Pas de bouree, three step turns, chasses, single pirouettes, basic jazz walks, leaps, jumps, grand battement {kicks}, correct body placement, coordination, rhythm, hip hop style and jazz style.

In Jazz 2 we focus on same as Jazz 1 but adding Double pirouettes, turning pas de bouree Chainee turns in releve and plie, pique turns, and linking more step together in a faster manner. Intro to lyrical movement.

In Junior Jazz we add drag turns, touch turns, side leaps, arabesque and attitude turns, barrework for fouette and a la seconde turns, add more lyrical movements and more hip hop style.

Teen Jazz is the gateway to musical expression through the incorporation of jazz style versatility. The class is introduced to Lyrical, Theater Jazz and Funk. Students are given a basic Jazz foundation through technique with double pirouettes, Pique turns, Arabesques, Attitude turns and Leaps. Each student is encouraged to explore his or her own individual style through physical expression.

Jazz Fusion is a fusion of all jazz styles: Lyrical, Jazz, Theater Jazz, Contemporary, Hip Hop, Street Funk and Modern. Students are also taught Triple pirouettes, turns -a –la- seconde, turning leaps, Firebird leaps and Fouette turns. More emphasis is given to performance level execution of progressions and technique.

Senior Jazz is the highest Jazz level in the studio and students are expected to have excellent grooming and attendance. Emphasis is given to highly technical skills in Double pirouette combinations into fouette and a la seconde turns, quadruple pirouettes, side tilt extensions and double tour en lair. Students are challenged with Abstract contemporary combinations; expressive ports de bras and acting improvisation. These students are usually in high school or in the 8th grade so that the maturity and level of expertise expected is met.

Dress Code

Beginning Jazz – Jazz 2 – Students wear black jazz shoes, solid color top, and black jazz pants.

Junior Jazz – Senior Jazz – Students wear caramel-colored jazz shoes, solid top, and black jazz pants.

Additional Classes